Case Study: Biotechnology

biotechnology case study




Small team with a need to stay focused on business goals and commercial activities, yet had a gap in its finance function.


Client company was founded to commercialise research, undertaken at the University of Cambridge, into the application of advanced statistical methods to the information bottlenecks in drug discovery.


The client was a successful spin-out company but was concerned about the cost of employing a finance team on a full-time basis, yet needed access to one.


EFM provided ongoing financial management support to include assistance with all their accounting and statutory obligations as well as adhoc support and advice on the financial aspects of the business.


EFM was able to respond to the client’s unique needs, offering an ideal, affordable solution to their requirements. We provided them with the necessary financial expertise needed at such a crucial stage of the company’s development- without the client having to commit to any major upfront investment.