Case Study: Client Funding, Haulage & Logistics


The business is a successful leading North Wales Haulage company, a member of a leading pallet network. In 2013, the business was becoming increasingly concerned about its lack of knowledge regarding its commercial performance and frustrated that it could not offer a warehousing solution to its customers due to limitations with its existing site.

EFM Case Study Barry Roberts


We saw the need to create detailed costing & pricing templates.
Sourcing of data would present a problem, as the business operated across the whole North Wales region, and it was soon decided that a number of simplifying assumptions would need to be made to ensure that costing and pricing decisions would be made on a consistent basis.


I went into granular detail into the cost base was structured and with a great deal of attention paid to how costs increased the further vehicles had to travel to collect and deliver pallets to its customers. A further variable to be considered was the number of pallets collected/delivered each trip and the frequency of stops each trip.

This involved sourcing data from its Traffic Management System & coupling it with other data regarding Fuel, Driver & Vehicle efficiency.


There were 2 benefits;

  • The business was now in a position to inform its customer base of price changes which led to an immediate improvement in Commercial & Financial performance.
  • This led to a sequence of costing and pricing “rules” which fed the overall financial model, and which led in turn to the business commencing negotiations of new premises, and negotiating a commercial mortgage and development loan (over £3m) to fund land purchase and construction of 70,000 sq ft warehouse, which it successfully completed during 2015.
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Case Study: Barry Roberts