Case Study: ERP System Implementation and Process Overhaul


A privately owned SME in the oil and gas sector was becoming inundated with administrators, who facilitated data entry. Operations were slowing down due to cumbersome business processes, that were causing employees to become disengaged. A cottage industry had been created where personnel were more focused on systems and data entry, rather than growing and running the business in the most efficient manner possible. Reporting out of the system was nearly impossible due to the sheer volume of data held in the ERP database.

Lindsay Neri EFM Scotland Case Study


  • To refocus the business on safe and efficient operational delivery, as well as making life easier for the back office reporting.
  • To minimise data entry, without compromising on the quality of information held on the ERP system.
  • To make reporting out of the ERP system more efficient, streamlined and user-friendly.


A new ERP system was implemented. This involved a mass global data cleanse of excel spreadsheets, and existing database entries, to ensure the system reflected the physical reality of day-to-day operations.

New processes were implemented across the business that worked with existing physical practices, so the business was no longer hindered by the system. These processes were built to compliment how the business physically worked, instead of being built around how the system and reporting worked.


  • Slicker, faster month end reporting that was more sophisticated.
  • Employee morale was given a boost with less focus being on “paper-pushing”, especially within the operational team. The back-office team no longer had to deal with an unintuitive system; reporting became easier with less data to contend with. More reporting options were available – the system was designed with this in mind.
  • Better reporting for any due diligence being carried out.
  • Clearer processes provided to the entire staff body, meaning there was less ambiguity in day-to-day operations.


Case Study: Lindsay Neri