View Professional services disposal

Professional services disposal

Sector: Professional Services sector Size (Number of employees) : Team of 10 Location: Dublin Business Issue : A professional services business serving hundreds of clients to be sold in six months Background: Due to a family relocation, I decided to exit my Dublin accountancy practice. My goal was to complete a trade sale within six…

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View Technology business owners seeking financial security

Technology business owners seeking financial security

Sector: Technology Size (Number of employees): Team of 18 Turnover: €2.1m Location: Ireland Business Issue: No management information to enable business critical decision-making Background: The frustrated owners of a technology business had no reliable management information on which to base key business decisions. Turnover had trebled in twelve months, but revenues were volatile and dependent…

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View Financial review for Dublin based family restaurant

Financial review for Dublin based family restaurant

Background I was approached by a small restaurant company operating in the Dublin area. The company has been in existence for approximately 25 years and during that time had built sales up to €1.3m and had a relatively strong balance sheet with healthy reserves. As a result of lockdown the company’s customers, tourists, office workers,…

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View Improved Financial & Management Reporting

Improved Financial & Management Reporting

Background A small business unit within a bank had gone through a period of growth. To meet customer requirements, sales agreements had become more complex. There was pressure to reduce or eliminate costs. The existing accounting system had not had real resources invested in it for a number of years and was increasingly not fit…

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View Clarity on cashflow for Irish retail chain

Clarity on cashflow for Irish retail chain

Business Issue: A retail chain in Ireland was losing money and had run into cashflow problems. Their suppliers were no longer prepared to supply goods on credit and all purchases had to be paid for in cash before delivery. The company’s staff retention had also become a major problem. Background: The retail firm owned and…

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