View Case Study: Health and Social Care

Case Study: Health and Social Care

Sector: Health and Social Care      Background: The Client, a private limited company started by 2 individuals several years before was involved in very complex care and education of children and young people. Although very successful in terms of growth and market position, one of the 2 original directors had decided that it was…

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View Case Study: Engineering

Case Study: Engineering

SECTOR: Engineering CONCERN: Stock management and cashflow BACKGROUND: The client company is a £6m engineering subsidiary assembling, repairing & selling capital equipment and providing after sales service, spares and training. It supplies weighing equipment primarily to the food manufacturing industry. CHALLENGE: The client had excessive levels of stock and at the same time was finding…

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View Case Study: IT

Case Study: IT

SECTOR: IT CONCERN: General accounting and auditing needs of the non-core subsidiaries as well as auditing requirements for the core subsidiary.  This would allow the client to concentrate on taking the IT strategy forward BACKGROUND: Client started as an IT consultancy firm specializing in Internet technology. Several years later, it developed new technology and embarked…

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View Case Study: Property Development

Case Study: Property Development

SECTOR: Property (Office development) CONCERN: The company had access to a trained accountant so the financial management of the business was not a problem for this person. However, finding the time to input the data and keep up to date with all his statutory obligations was. They realised that to grow the business, they would…

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View Case Study: Biotechnology

Case Study: Biotechnology

SECTOR: Biotechnology CONCERN: Small team with a need to stay focused on business goals and commercial activities, yet had a gap in its finance function. BACKGROUND: Client company was founded to commercialise research, undertaken at the University of Cambridge, into the application of advanced statistical methods to the information bottlenecks in drug discovery. CHALLENGE: The client…

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View Case Study: Holiday Cover

Case Study: Holiday Cover

SECTOR: The Compressed Work Week- Cost effective holiday cover CONCERN: The company had recently taken on a part-time Finance Director and part of his remit was to improve the accuracy & timeliness of the accounts to the Managing Director & Group. BACKGROUND: The Financial Controller was to be on holiday for 3 weeks from the…

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View Case Study: Automotive

Case Study: Automotive

SECTOR: Automotive CONCERN: Cashflow and potential insolvency implications CHALLENGE: The client had several issues to resolve including low profitability, bank facilities under severe pressure –  the Account had been taken away from the Local Bank Manager and placed into “Intensive care”, as the overdraft had been allowed grow to twice the agreed £1m facility. This indicated…

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View Case study: Food and Beverage

Case study: Food and Beverage

SECTOR: Food and Beverage CONCERN: Cashflow, bank facilities under pressure and over expansion of warehouse facility. Review of under performing subsidiary BACKGROUND: Client company owned 50% of a business that had a 100% ownership of a niche speciality food wholesaler business. The companies are all privately owned and based in the UK CHALLENGE: The client…

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View Case Study: Online Gaming

Case Study: Online Gaming

SECTOR: Online gaming CONCERN: Dealing with the conflict between international entrepreneurship and pre-existing external structures, e.g. VAT rules, where novelty often creates unintended consequences within standard operating methodology BACKGROUND: Our privately funded client based in the Channel Isles operated gambling websites across Europe.  In order to comply as much as possible with the unsettled licensing…

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