Customer care policy

EFM is committed to excellent service delivery that is customer-focused. This Customer Care Policy sets out what this commitment means to us and our customers:

  • The keystone of our company culture is honest and timely communication. We will give as much information as possible to help clients make informed and timely decisions to achieve jointly set goals.
  • We will not offer to carry out or attempt work where we believe we do not have the sufficient skills or capabilities. We will however, endeavour to help clients resource such skills in these instances.
  • We have an ethical policy over service delivery and will not be influenced in our decision-making as a result of being offered commissions or similar inducements for referring work. Where it is industry standard to pay commissions; and any are earned, we will disclose and discuss these with the relevant client company.
  • We will create friendly partnerships with members of client companies, ensuring efficient communication channels are in place, well in advance of any work taking place, and in many cases, after work is completed or during any transitions.
  • Where appropriate, based on discussions concerning work to be carried out, we will refer responsibilities or projects to suitable colleagues.
  • We will deal with all requests and complaints fairly and in a courteous, helpful manner, and within 2 working days

To enable us provide you with the best possible service, we ask that you give us all the information we need to help you. If you feel that we do not meet these standards, or if you have any suggestions or enquiries, kindly contact us at .

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