Associate Testimonials

All of our associates and clients are available for contact, but here’s a sample of some of them  have to say about us…

Patrick Lavelle, EFM Ireland

“I’ve joined EFM to have the structure and benefits of an organisation behind me and a network of professionals working with me. I am looking forward to using the skills and experience I’ve gained over my career in finance to offer clients professional financial support and advice.”

John Devaney, EFM Ireland

“I am very pleased about the support I have received from EFM. The thought of starting a business was initially daunting for me as I was starting from zero with no clients, no potential work but a lot of experience from a successful corporate career and the zeal to succeed as my own boss. EFM launched my business with a debut campaign, helped me secure my first client and one year later, I am now working with a portfolio of clients that have been with me on a recurring basis and on a full schedule, and this just proves that if you have the right mindset, love the portfolio lifestyle, have the right company behind you and are patient and persistent, you can continue to be successful.

With the immense value I have received from the network, I now have some of the most amazing and ambitious clients. I also find regular catchup-events with the other associates and the head office team very inspiring and encouraging and with all the other ongoing support I get regarding proposals, events, company PR and generating opportunities, I couldn’t be more pleased to be part of the EFM team.”

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