10 Things a Finance Director can do for your Business

What is a Finance Director?
A Finance Director is a senior executive who supports a business by overseeing and implementing the financial strategy for the company. Finance Directors control key financial matters by managing risks, pushing growth and supporting the existing management team or Managing Director.

What is an EFM Finance Director?
Our Finance Directors are not ‘just accountants’. They provide excellent incisive information on a more timely basis to reorganize your business and aid your decision making process. They implement plans to enhance profit margins, provide strategic support and assist with business plans, funding proposals and other key areas that affect your profitability and cash flow.

EFM Finance DirectorOur Finance Director’s role is not a passive one, your business views and opinions might be challenged- from pricing to distribution strategy, from marketing plans to remuneration to ensure your future plans and direction is financially viable.

No business deserves to be without a Finance Director, even if for one day a month. Our Finance Director will be the credible sounding board your business needs to take it to the next level and our business model ensures that your finance function is cost-effective and efficient.

If you have someone in this role, do you get all the services below?

Our Finance Director services include:

  • Strategic Support in business reorganisation
  • Cost reduction programming advice
  • Advice in cost reduction programming
  • Profitability and pricing analysis
  • Property contracts/commitments analysis and overview
  • Banking requirements and funding developments proposals
  • Pensions – overview of aims and costs
  • Financial planning
  • Annual budgeting and forecasting
  • Monthly performance tracking and variances from budget
  • Business plan preparation
  • Capital equipment leasing and purchase advice
  • Financial implications advice on strategic changes
  • Financial systems up-grades and specification
  • Overview and reporting on licences, agreements etc.
  • Planning and documentation for financial due diligence
  • Business start-up implications
  • Managing growth to maintain financial stability
  • Monitoring and improving business processes

“I would say that costs for us were definitely reduced using EFM but conversely the level of advice we got was far higher than I could have afforded to recruit and retain.”

If you are looking to take your company to the next level by investing in a Finance Director , remember that most small to medium-sized companies don’t actually need a full-time Finance Director, so why not free up your cash and speak to us about how we can support your business needs on a fully flexible, scalable and pay-as-you-go basis. 


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