Book a free place at our Midlands Discovery Day on May 20, 2011

Our Discovery Event is not just a sales pitch. It is a two way exchange in which you learn the details of our unique offer, and we learn what it truly is that you desire in a start-up package and do our best to accommodate your needs.

Our offer is unique in the financial management market. We are not a franchise, and our licensees will not be faced with the list of rules and onerous conditions placed by franchisors on franchisees. Our joining fee is under £10,000, and for this you will receive:

  • Limited company formation
  • a full training course covering the details of starting up, then marketing yourself and running your business
  • follow up meetings to help you keep up to date on legislation, compliance and marketing techniques
  • an exhaustive set of professional business tools, including email, data backup, accounting software and a Customer Relations Management package
  • a comprehensive pack of documents and templates to help you start your own financial services business
  • a number of free start up leads and the first tranche of income totally free of royalty payments
  • a start-up marketing pack of business cards, flyers, advice and more!
  • access to our extensive network of contacts, including the combined financial experience of the entire e-FM team, our business partners from whom you may earn commissions by recommending their services to your clients and our preferred suppliers; those whose expertise we recommend to you personally

What we offer is not all about starting up, either. We know that once a business is set up, the hard part is not over. Leads must be chased, clients secured and proposals agreed. This is before you even start doing the financial work! Joining our network is not a one-off investment. We continue to provide all the help you may need in running your business, whether that be giving advice on an unusual situation (we will probably have seen it before!), letting you know which marketing techniques work and which don’t, or having one of our directors coming with you to help secure a large client.

Our fees work entirely on a royalty basis; we have no hidden fixed ‘marketing’ or ‘management’ costs, so it really is in our interest to help you grow your business. Not that inspiration other than your own success is enough, but doing well is just as much in your interest as ours. We scale back our fees depending on how well your business is doing, recognising that as you gain momentum you will require less support from us!

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