Building Blocks for Business Growth – Iconic & EFM Ireland – Lunch&Learn Event | 30th October Dublin

EFM Ireland is pleased to announce a series of events & workshops with our partner Iconic Offices in Dublin. Our goal is to provide a bespoke financial education to growing SMEs which will help them understand their financial challenges and provide the type of independent, experienced and trusted guidance that is so hard to find or too expensive to consider.


Our next Lunch&Learn event “Building Blocks for your business growth” will be held on the 30th of October at The Brickhouse Iconic office.  During this event you will learn some of the key ingredients to achieve your growth potential:

• Planning for growth – How effective is your current business planning. How robust are the financials underpinning it?
• Good profitability and cash collection with access to funding support when required
• Managing and resourcing external challenges e.g. Skilled staff shortage, Brexit planning.

Let the EFM Ireland team guide you on what you need to consider to implement a business strategy that will help develop your company`s growth. Many businesses fail to achieve their aims, EFM Ireland can help you to avoid some common pitfalls!



William Mundow (CEO of EFM Ireland) – Experienced Finance Director and a Qualified Certified Accountant with over 20 years of accounting experience under his belt, including raising finance, providing strong disciplines and leading companies through difficult periods. He is ideally placed both to grow the company and provide an excellent financial management service to a wide range of SMEs.

John Devaney (Director of EFM Ireland) – Experienced Finance Director, MBA , CPA and Vice-President of Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland. John has proven management skills including leading finance teams across four national subsidiaries of a global company. As a portfolio director with EFM for six years he has a great experience in working with start-ups and SMEs across all sectors.

Malcolm Holloway (Finance Director, Chartered Accountant, Venture Capitalist and Co-founder of EFM UK) an experienced Finance Director and VC having worked for Rivers Capital Partners, an independent venture capital company that supports SMEs looking for funding to expand their operations and start-ups.


If you would like to find out more about this event please email


About EFM Ireland 

EFM Ireland is a team of Finance Professionals and Business Advisors. We help companies create and execute growth plans based on professional experience and manage funding and financial performance to help business owners maximise the value of their business.

EFM Ireland supports SME clients throughout the UK and Ireland, working closely with partners to deliver sound financial controls and effective business advice.

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