Case Study: Finance Transformation


As Finance Business Partner at Media Company, a £10million turnover which provided media monitoring for corporate communications teams within large blue-chip companies, I was responsible for leading commercial efforts related to product profitability and optimal product mix per client, in order to drive incremental revenue and enhance the profitability of key accounts.

During my time there, the business was acquired by Kantar Media, a multi-national conglomerate with its own proprietary CRM system. I was tasked with implementing this system to be used by the sales and account management team, at the same time introducing revised sales and commission targets based on what the acquiring company had identified as a suite of higher margin services.


The account management team were used to using a legacy CRM system that suited the needs of the business at the time. Sales and commission targets had been largely unchanged for many years, so there was naturally some resistance towards introducing a new system with revised targets and different emphasis on sales planning.


Through regular dialogue and demonstration of sales and profitability data, I was able to communicate the benefits of the revised sales and commission targets. I oversaw a soft launch of the CRM system alongside the legacy system, and organised regular training workshops where sales teams could raise any concerns. Underpinning the project was the need to communicate to the team that the renewed push for higher margin services would demonstrably benefit both the sales teams and the business as a whole.


Within one month we embedded the use of the new CRM system throughout the sales team, and I created a management dashboard to track progress against a new set of KPIs. This gave both the sales team and Senior management a better view of the optimal product mix per client, and aligned the commission targets accordingly.

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