Communicating with your stakeholders on financial matters: what you need to know │ BITA webinar 21st January 4pm

EFM is delighted to host a BITA webinar this month on “Communicating with your stakeholders on financial matters: what you need to know”. During such challenging times communicating with your stakeholders is more important than ever. But what are the things you need to know and consider when talking about financial matters ? There is a wider circle of individuals who have an impact on your business such as your Accountant, Bank Manager, Auditor, Insurance Broker and Tax Authorities who you should think about.

This webinar is lead by EFM Ireland team: John Devaney (President of CPA Ireland and EFM Finance Director), Sean Finn (EFM Associate Finance Director) and Ciaran Bolger (EFM Associate Finance Director) who will help you through the finance maze.

EFM Ireland provide the type of independent, experienced and trusted, guidance on financial matters that is so hard to find or too expensive to consider.

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“Tap into an extensive network of experienced business leaders”

About EFM:

EFM is a nationwide team of Finance Directors, Business Advisors and Financial Controllers. We provide ‘pay as you go’ financial management services to businesses that want the benefits of an experienced financier – but without paying a full-time salary.

“The biggest thing for me is that EFM has a really good range of individuals with different experience. In three different scenarios, EFM has managed to slot in exactly the right type of Financial Director. That, for me, is the biggest benefit of working with the organisation and that reflects in the fact that they’ve got a broad enough range of individuals.
Chris Dines – CEO of William Murray Communications Limited

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