EFM Lunch&Learn events are now in Dublin!

EFM Ireland is pleased to announce that our famous Lunch & Learn events have now arrived in Dublin! “The ideal business plan” was our first Lunch & Learn event designed for busy entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level.

Our Lunch & Learn sessions will help you through the financial maze and provide the type of experienced, professional guidance on financial challenges that are hard to find or too expensive to consider.

Business Growth and Finance

Next  event “10 things you can do today to improve your finances” 2nd April 2019 at Wework 5 Harcourt Rd | Dublin

As a business owner, your company’s financial health is one of the most important priority focus areas you’ll need to keep in check. It’s important to improve the efficiency of your business and detect possible cash leaks arising from situations that could result in declining profits for your business. However, there is more to improving your finances than just looking at your bank balance.

During this presentation EFM will take you through 10 fundamental areas of your business that are crucial to your company`s success and needs to be reviewed on a regular basis such as; price, product, invoicing, credit management, overheads and much more…


Malcolm Holloway (EFM Director, Finance Director & Venture Capitalist) an experienced Finance Director and VC having worked for Rivers Capital Partners, an independent venture capital company that supports SMEs looking for funding to expand their operations and start-ups.

Patrick Lavelle (EFM Finance Director)  – Finance Director in businesses ranging from start-ups to family-owned and up to multinational companies with operations across the globe. Patrick has led large teams across multiple locations and has a track record of implementing change programmes in complex operations.


If you would like to register for our next event “10 Things you can do today to improve your finances” or find out more about our future Lunch&Learn events in Dublin please get in touch at info@efmireland.ie