Focus on the future of UK exports – Guest blog by Chris Dines of Informed Funding


Based on recent data, and helped by a weak £, UK exports were at a record high in November 2016 (£47.3Bn). In the context of the Brexit/Trump era, I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad – Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet, and second guessing the nature of a US/UK trade deal is a little challenging right now.

I’ll avoid commenting on the politics, but there genuinely are many influential business people who believe that Brexit can build a new golden era for UK international trade. There many, probably more, who believe Brexit is calamitous from an export perspective.

It’s interesting digging into the figures a little more, given that my own interest is in the SME market:

Our biggest 3 exports are Cars (9.7%), Gold (7.9%) and Gas Turbines (3.2%) – hardly SME output.

UK is the 9th biggest export economy in the World – and about 45% of exports go to the EU.

Just 10% of SMEs export directly, and some 15% are in an export supply chain. According to a recent CEBR report, the UK ranks in the bottom 5 European Economies when it comes to the share of SMEs among exporters. 

The Government does recognise that last point – in fact we all need to. The same CEBR report claimed that the current (weak) export performance of UK SMEs leaves a £141.3Bn shortfall in the UK economy. While I might take that claim with a pinch of salt, surely we can help create an environment and support where we can do better than this? I suspect we will need to, whatever shape Brexit takes. Worth adding that the Government (Liam Fox’s Department for International Trade) is pitching 2017 as “The Year for Export”!

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Chris Dines is CEO of Informed Funding, who provide an independent, structured and educational route for business owners to find the type of finance and supplier that might suit them – allowing them to engage directly with those suppliers.

EFM are partners with Informed Funding and will be participating in export funding workshops at the Seminar on 23 February