Helping Businesses survive and recover from the pandemic | EFM & BITA webinar | 6th July 2021 @4PM

As we start to emerge from the lockdown businesses are entering a very different environment. Markets have changed or will change. Companies may have built up debt or arrears with their suppliers, Revenue or financiers. Many businesses will struggle for the next few months and some will be fighting for survival.

Pressure will be coming from suppliers, banks and the Revenue/HMRC to have their debt prioritised. It is vital that businesses do not cave to pressure from any one of these but rather have a strategy for dealing with them all that allows the business to firstly survive and then prosper.

Are you experiencing any of the following in your business?

  • Cash and working capital management issues
  • Costs too high for current business levels
  • Pressure from suppliers on overdue accounts
  • Rent arrears
  • Tax debts
  • Arrears on loans and lease payments

During this webinar EFM team will cover:

  • Symptoms / warning signs of a distressed business
  • The do’s and don’t’s
  • Options/strategies for owners/managers of a distressed business

This structured presentation can help you through the finance maze and provide the type of professional, experienced and unbiased, guidance on financial challenges that is so hard to find or too expensive to consider.

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This webinar will be delivered by the team from EFM:

Pat Lavelle – Finance Director for both Global and multi- national companies as well as SME’s and family owned businesses. Pat has guided numerous distressed companies to restructure their businesses, manage their working capital and return to profitability.

John Devaney – A Finance Director and former CPA Ireland President, with international focus and the ability to drive strategic direction in line with high-level business objectives and support the commercial activities of organisations. With extensive Board-level experience, focusing on growth and building high-performance teams.

At EFM we have guided numerous businesses through crises and worked with them to restructure their finances, manage working capital and return to profitability.


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