View Setup your business in Ireland

Setup your business in Ireland

Are you looking to expand your business into Ireland? Brexit is making many UK businesses consider plans to move some or all operations out of the UK. And for many, including some of EFM’s clients, Ireland looks like a great choice.  This applies equally for any International businesses looking to the EU – you should…

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View Power Up Your Business!

Power Up Your Business!

Are you an SME thinking of starting, growing or better managing your business? EFM is now a BAS adviser ( via the ICAEW Business Advice Service). Small and medium sized businesses can get a free consultation from today and receive invaluable advice from an EFM Finance Director to help start and run their business efficiently and…

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View How To Turnaround a Declining Business?

How To Turnaround a Declining Business?

  AN ANTIQUATED BUSINESS MODEL, economic challenges and lack of cash can in a very short space of time, send a successful business into instant decline. While we have witnessed the high-profile demise of major institutions and well-known brands such as Woolworths, HMV, Jessops, Blockbusters, Republic and the nationalisation of struggling banks, the SME sector…

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View Is your company ready for an outsourced FC?

Is your company ready for an outsourced FC?

There comes a time in the growth of every successful business where the owner starts to feel that their bookkeeping resources simply aren’t enough. If handled properly, the company’s books are clean and the integrity of their financial data is secure. Throughout the growth process, business owners find themselves wanting more from their data. Books…

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