View Should Banks Be Forced to lend to Small Firms?

Should Banks Be Forced to lend to Small Firms?

If banks are in the lending business, whey should they be forced to lend by any other requirement other than an inherent obligation? If a prospective lender meets clearly defined criteria, it should be difficult to refuse a credit request, especially from small businesses struggling under the strain of the credit crunch. There was a…

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View Cash Flow Management Strategies

Cash Flow Management Strategies

To avoid going to the banks for invoice discounting, factoring, overdraft or any form of debt, here are a few simple internal strategies for your business: Bill early: Send a bill as soon as you have rendered a service or sold your goods. If you have longer term contracts arrange for stage billing or, even…

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View What Is Insourcing?

What Is Insourcing?

We hear and read a lot today about “outsourcing” and indeed “off-shoring”. They are not the same thing, of course. “Outsourcing” seems to mean contacting others – outside your own organisation to get specific things done. A good example is manufacturing. So, invent it, design it, and have a specialist company make it. Smaller companies…

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