Zoobox Ireland set to transform Eco-Tourism


Irish start-up Zoobox promises a high-end, off grid-the-grid experience for a stressed out generation, offering lots of cool features as well as being kind to the environment. Zoobox is a naturally-immersive glamping offering, with world class scenery in secluded and secure environments around Ireland.

Zoobox have thought of everything including how to be environmentally friendly at a time when plastics and carbon emissions are being put into the spotlight. They want to add diversity to the accommodation that is currently available in Ireland today while providing picturesque scenery and natural beauty.

The early idea was to build Canadian style cabins that could be erected quickly and without harming the hosting environment. The team, led by Guillaume Pellerin, created the idea of Zoobox because of his experience in the real estate sector and his passion of eco friendly options. He then merged his two interests of real estate and eco-tourism.

About Zoobox

Zoobox see a world where the public can easily find a unique and isolated place to recharge and reconnect with nature without the hassles of camping or the crowds of big tourism sites. The team’s goal is to get as many people to enjoy and protect the environment that hosts the Zoobox eco-homes.

Guillaume Pellerin, CEO of Zoobox believes ecotourism can empower local entrepreneurs, boost the economy of rural communities, create a showroom for green technologies and create an authentic bound between visitors and Hosts.

EFM Ireland Financial Director, Patrick Lavelle, is proud to be supporting Zoobox’s financial strategy and aiding in the company’s success and future growth.

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