For accountancy firms with tight deadlines, limited resources and pressure to get client’s books sorted and prepare accounts, we have the solution.

The administrative burden that comes with getting the small details right and in sorting out the reporting process promptly and correctly can be a little overwhelming especially when there is an impending audit or accounts submission deadline. To ease this burden, many of our accountancy firm clients take full advantage of our part time financial management team.

The difference

We are not a typical firm of accountants and do not  provide audit or tax services, even though our team is predominantly made up of highly experienced accountants. We offer a complimentary service to traditional accountants, not competition, helping you to keep your client and earn from them in the future. We always carry out our work effectively and efficiently with minimum disruption to yourselves, and will help reduce the vulnerabilities within the reporting system and protect your fee income.


Auditors in particular, are in a difficult position as they are stuck between the devil and blue sea – paid by one set of stakeholders and responsible for another. Also by law, auditor independence precludes some accountancy/audit firms from providing certain financial management services.

Our team will provide an independent solution with focus on integrity and objectivity when you are ready for audit. We will help you with the detailed work which is usually time-consuming and cumbersome. We will ensure that your client’s finance function is cost-effective and will assist with working capital management, staff shortages, and peaks in work. We also have opportunities for collaboration in areas such as debt recovery, credit control and HR.

Easy yet effective

We can provide ongoing support to your clients and other businesses based on fixed fees, so that budgets are completely manageable. When it comes to signing off the end of year accounts, tax and audits, you can be sure that your profit margins will be maintained when you call us in because you will be presented with excellently kept records with a full audit trail that makes for the easiest possible, yet effective process.

Case Study

Along with other Auditors and Accountancy practices,  Ernst & Young (EY) have referred a number of clients to EFM Ireland, including this example of a property development company – READ MORE

Further information

If you would like to find out more about this service or to arrange a no-obligation meeting, contact us on 0845 129 9900 / 01442 8176 for a call back.

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