Venture capitalists

Venture Capitalists

We have extensive experience with Venture Capitalists and their portfolio companies, and this work grows steadily through referrals from appreciative VCs due to the value we provide during and after transactions. We conduct financial director due diligence for investors from very small to large investment value. We recognise the distinct requirements of the various parties to transactions including legal practitioners, buyers, sellers and  VCs and this understanding enhances the value we add to individual clients.

Risky investments

To some investors, SMEs might be risky investments, with the possibility of internal financial systems causing failure or lack of disclosure of key matters by management ruining a potentially good deal. Both problems are nearly as critical an issue as a bad business plan. VCs know how to look out for the latter; we can help with the addressing the former, including preparing the company for investment.

Risky investments
Risk management


Our range of health checks, from a half-day review to a full financial director due diligence report, can give you the security you need before committing to an investment. Unlike traditional firms of compliance focused accountants, we perform these diagnostics with a purely commercial eye; with an awareness of the day-to-day financial issues facing most businesses. It is therefore quite easy for us to spot problems that might present in the future or have been overlooked in the business plan.

The long haul

Our support does not end when the investment period is over. While the condition for many investments is the hiring of a Finance Director, we know from years of experience that SMEs do not usually need this 8 hours per day, 5 days per week in perpetuity.  Our flexible cost-effective solution allows you to use an FD on a part time basis for as long as is required. You therefore will not be obliged to employ one full time and incur other employee-related expenses.

With a full time Finance Director being costly, you will often get better value from your investment by hiring a part time person thus allowing funds to be better directed towards the main aim of the investment – generating sales and growth. We have worked with pre and post-investment companies to great success in the past as they get the financial management they need, when they need it.

Case Studies

We have several case studies available on the website, which provide more information about the services we can offer VCs and their clients.

Further information

If you would like to find out more about this service or to arrange a no-obligation meeting, contact us on 0845 129 9900 / 01442 8176 for a call back.

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