Assistant accountant

What is an Assistant Accountant?

An Assistant Accountant is a ‘number cruncher’ who helps to prepare financial statements and monthly management accounts. They process and reconcile a wide variety of accounting documents including invoices, bills, employee reimbursements, cash receipts and journal vouchers; They review and code financial information, prepare and process documents to disburse funds, make deposits and prepare accounting reports;

What is an EFM Assistant Accountant?

An efm Assistant Accountant is not ‘just a bean counter’. Our Assistant Accountants are highly organized problem-solving experts with competent accounting skills who assist in the day-to-day running of the accounts office/function. They will not just be actively involved in managing ledgers, raising invoices, processing expenses, and preparing VAT returns, but will help in keeping your finance function efficient. They will compile and review financial information for accuracy and maintain reliable records.

As part of their services, Assistant Accountants may also provide payroll management support. Payroll management is usually one of the first processes that a company considers outsourcing. We provide a service, which includes the processing, administration, reporting and compliance of a company’s payroll either directly or through one of our bureau parties.

Take advantage of the experiences and expertise of some of our most senior team members on a part time basis by requesting this service now.

If you have someone in this role, do you get all the services below?

Our Assistant Accountant / Finance Manager services include:

  1. Preparation of accounts payable and purchase orders
  2. Reviewing and coding of financial information, and maintaining account balances.
  3. Processing cheques and petty cash transactions
  4. Maintenance of filing and invoice monitoring systems
  5. Reconciliation of transactions and financial data to automated accounting system.
  6. Pre-audit, verification, and processing of employee expense claims as well as reviewing rules for employee compliance.
  7. Posting financial data to ledgers, preparing invoices, billings and / or vouchers
  8. Payroll calculation
  9. Credit control

Day rates, monthly rates and annual rates available. Contact us for further information or request this service now.

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