What is a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper records financial transactions and brings the books to the trial balance stage. These transactions may include purchases, sales, receipts and payments. Bookkeeping is only a small part of the accounting process

What is an EFM Bookkeeper?

An efm bookkeeper is not just a ‘keeper of the books’ who writes up the day books. Our skillful and competent bookkeepers ensure record keeping requirements are met in term of compliance obligations and commercial commitments.  They are significant players in assisting business to be well run by ensuring the availability of timely and useful financial data.

Our experienced bookkeepers understand your business as they work closely and frequently with your team and are therefore useful sources of information regarding business systems and processes.

Take advantage of the experiences and expertise of some of our clever team members on a part time basis by requesting this service now.

If you have someone in this role, do you get all the services below?

Our Bookkeeper services include:

  1. Sales ledger
  2. Bought ledger
  3. BACS and other banking transactions
  4. Cash Book
  5. Nominal ledger
  6. Wages and salaries
  7. Credit control
  8. Sales Invoicing
  9. VAT returns
  10. Fixed Asset Register
  11. Expense claim procedure design
  12. Inventory valuation and advice

Day rates, monthly rates and annual rates available. Contact us for further information or request this service now.

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