Credit controller

What is a Credit Controller?

A credit controller manages business debts and deals with outstanding payments. As a role, Credit Controllers are usually responsible for chasing outstanding invoices to a business and they play a vital role in the cashflow of the organisation ensuring that credit given to customers is monitored or controlled effectively.

What is an EFM Credit Controller?

Our Credit Controllers are not ‘just payment chasers’. They are analytical professionals with strong credit control experience who improve the cash collection process within a business, in order to release cash from sales quickly and effectively.

EFM Credit Controllers are flexible, adaptable and work easily in a targeted working environment to meet agreed collections targets. They have good working knowledge of Excel and key accounting software and are keen to improve processes where necessary. Their aim is to reduce a company’s debt burden and maintain good relations with clients’ customers, helping to resolve problems of missing paperwork where necessary or identifying risky debtors with an audit trail.

For some new businesses a credit control function is not a high priority but establishing the correct procedures and adopting best practice solutions early on can have a positive effect on a company’s cash flow longer term. We can offer a flexible scaleable resource to establish and maintain the credit control function.

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Our Credit Control services include:

  1. Chasing debt by telephone and email and ultimately reducing debtor days
  2. Keeping in regular contact with debtors to ensure that they will pay on time or arrange a schedule for payment
  3. Keeping records of contact made with debtors to help businesses identify risky debtors and to provide an audit trail for any legal action that might be necessary down the line
  4. Allocating payments in accordance with customer remittances
  5. Processing and generating reminder letters and monthly statements
  6. Work with and reconcile debts and the aged debt register
  7. Collection system analysis, implementation or improvement
  8. Dispute resolution and analysis
  9. Liaising with the sales and accounts receivable team to resolve outstanding queries
  10. Ensuring that all major accounts work to agreed order to cash cycle
  11. Month end reporting and account reconciliation
  12. Investigating and resolving queries relating to non-payment of invoices

Day rates, monthly rates and annual rates available. Contact us for further information or request this servicenow.

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