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EFM Ireland offers a flexible, pay-as-you-use financial management service, tailored to each customer’s needs.  To make it simple we have designed a range of packages, so you can budget for your finance function, and you will know what to expect from EFM Ireland.

Please select a package which looks best for you – if you’re not sure which is right, we can find a way to help – contact us now or call on 01254 2176.

Free 1 hour Face to Face with a Finance Director

Free 1 hour Face to Face with a Finance Director | FREE (€0)

Book a free 1-hour consultation with an SME-specialist Finance Director to discuss specific financial concerns.

Take one of our free online health checks to highlight any initial financial concerns.

Business Perfomance Quiz - EFM Ireland

Financial healthcheck - EFM Ireland




Cashflow healthcheck - EFM Ireland







Once you have received your brief health check report, you can then request this free 1-hour consultation with a Finance Director.
This is an informal discussion about one to two specific items from your health check or other concerns this may have triggered.


You will get specialist advice and pointers on how you can address the issues discussed.

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1-hour finance review

1-hour finance review |

Work closely with one of our Finance Directors to discuss a specific point of financial concern.

This is an opportunity to take a close look at an area of financial concern.

For example:

  • Should you go ahead with your annual insurance renewal?
  • Are you unsure how to price a new contract or how much money it may make?
  • Are you uncertain whether to hire a member of staff and what the cash and cost implications maybe?
  • Is your funder/lender speaking to you in a foreign language?
  • Are you worried you may not be able to pay the wages at the end of the month, or VAT for this quarter?
  • Are you frustrated that your accounting information is late or wrong?

We’re confident that this package can be self-financing, as most of our customers quickly enjoy cost-savings or efficiencies worth more than the cost of the review!


You will receive specific recommendations to help resolve your concern.

It’s a great way to solve a frustrating issue and get to see how we work.

Book your 1-hour focused finance review now
Part-time FD Starter Package

Part-time FD Starter Package | €125

Full access to a skilled Finance Director for regular support.

Our FD starter package provides you with direct access to a skilled Finance Director, with valuable experience in growing businesses.

You’ll get regular support whether you’re in your start-up or growth phase, looking for help with developing your established business, or assistance in succession planning.


We’ll come to you for a face to face meeting for an hour per month, as an opportunity to talk through any financial questions you have.

There’s no long-term commitment or tie-ins.

Talk to EFM Ireland about your Part-time FD Starter Package
Half a day per month

Half a day per month | €400 per month

This offers you access to a Finance Director/ Board Advisor for half a day in a month.

  • Do you have more complex issues to tackle than those mentioned above?
  • Would you like help with a funding application or knowing where to look for funding?
  • Would you like help understanding employee benefits packages?
  • Are you uncertain how to source the right accountant


You will get two one-hour, face to face meetings per month, plus email follow-ups with a highly experienced EFM Finance Director, providing:

  • a sounding board for key decisions,
  • financial support,
  • strategic planning,
  • input into specific aspects of the business,
  • mentoring and guidance.
Book your Half a day per month with EFM
HPR Service

HPR Service | €500

EFM's advanced Healthcheck and Profitability Review

Anyone can request an HPR (Healthcheck and Profitability Review).business analysis - EFM Financial Management

This is a more advanced assessment and is your chance to discuss your goals, your financial situation, your processes and plans with someone totally objective and knowledgeable in your field.

This 2.5 hour face-to-face session will highlight areas of opportunity as well as any potential risks during the discussion.

This review is impartial and honest – you may not always like what you see as a result, but you will benefit from it.




After the meeting, we will produce a report setting out the options and our recommendations.

There is no obligation to appoint EFM after this initial review

Request your HPR
Overseas Parent UK Starter – Monthly Pack

Overseas Parent UK Starter – Monthly Pack | €275 - €900 per month

For international businesses starting up a UK subsidiary, this package includes a combination of key solutions.

Services will include:

  • Processing of accounts,
  • Preparation of payroll and pension auto-enrolment,
  • Financial management reporting,
  • Forecasting and relevant financial analyses.

(* exact cost depends on size and complexity)


  • Processing of accounting data on one of our Cloud-based accounting solutions, (e.g. Xero)
  • Preparation of payroll for up to 5 staff,
  • Calculations of pension auto-enrolment costs,
  • Production of a simple monthly financial management accounts pack, with commentary completed by an agreed monthly deadline,
  • Plus email and telephone support with the parent company.
  • Other analysis relevant to the business e.g. variances against budget, reporting of key ratios, and completing group reporting packs can be provided.

If help is required with company registration, VAT registration, PAYE registration or anything similar, EFM Ireland can assist with this for a separate fixed fee.

Order your Overseas Parent Monthly Pack
Power Start

Power Start | €900 per month

This offers you a full day's support per month.

Power start is like having your own FD or Business Advisor.

The service can be taken as two half-days or as a full day each month.


We keep it very focused and very structured – you will have a sounding board for key decisions, financial support, strategic planning, input into specific aspects of the business or some mentoring and guidance.

You also get email and telephone support built in.

Book your Power Start
Financial Management Monthly Pack

Financial Management Monthly Pack | €500 to €1000* per month

(*depending on size and complexity)

This regular package includes the production of monthly financial management accounts and a written commentary from a completed trial balance. It is completed by an agreed deadline every month.

Included in this monthly pack is email and telephone support for your team members.


  • A monthly financial management accounts pack
  • Commentary from a completed trial balance
  • Completed by an agreed deadline every month.
  • Plus email and telephone support for your existing team members.
  • Other analysis relevant to the business. e.g.
    – variances against budget,
    – reporting of key ratios,
    – tracking against financier covenants,
    – other reporting requirements.
Order your Financial Management Monthly Pack
Brexit Package (Set Up your Business in Ireland with EFM)

Brexit Package (Set Up your Business in Ireland with EFM) | €1,500 one-off, plus monthly options

A quick and easy way to safeguard your UK business by setting up an Irish company

  • Does your business trade extensively with the EU?
  • Would it make sense to keep a foothold in the EU by establishing a presence in an EU country?
  • Do you want the flexibility to move some of your business to the EU from the UK post Brexit?

Brexit is making many businesses consider plans to move some or all operations out of the UK. And for many, including some of EFM’s clients, Ireland looks like a great choice.  This applies equally for any International businesses looking to the EU – you should definitely consider Ireland.


EFM Ireland already supports established Irish businesses and is able to help you get started with our Easy Set-up package.

  • This includes registration, constitution and company seal.
  • Company formation
  • Filing of your initial B1 to the Companies Registration Office (initial annual return after 6 months)
  • Assistance with opening a local bank account if needed
  • Registration for taxes:  Corporation Tax, Payroll & VAT

Additional services include:

  • A Registered Office in Ireland
  • An Irish-national officer if required
  • A Statutory Director on a monthly basis if required
  • Access to a retained FD, for pre-trade support.
Start your Irish Brexit plan now Find out more around EFM Ireland's Brexit Package services

Further information

If you would like to find out more about any of these services, or to arrange a no-obligation meeting, contact us on 01254 2176.

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