View Case Study: Finance and management information

Case Study: Finance and management information

Background: The company had reorganised and introduced Oracle as a new accounting system. Coupled with this, the group had been reorganised into separate business units giving a further challenge to senior management to understand the performance of each part of the group. The information produced from that system was unwieldy and untimely to the extent…

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View Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

Background A business unit within a bank had just undergone a restructure and reorganisation. Challenge However, its operations needed to be reviewed in order to improve customer satisfaction, clear backlogs, shorten delivery timescales, remove waste, reduce costs and improve risks. Solutions Mike directed a project to map business processes across the business unit. The mapping…

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View Case Study: Influencing Change

Case Study: Influencing Change

Background The company owned a  manufacturing facility with energy representing a significant part of the running costs, over which historically there had been little control. Natural gas became available at the site, giving the opportunity for a lower cost energy source, however, there was resistance from management due to existing practices and safety concerns. Challenge…

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View Case Study:Establishing Overseas Operations

Case Study:Establishing Overseas Operations

Sector: Oil Exploration Background: Following a period of investment appraisal, an experienced oil exploration company bought into oil exploration licences in an African country where they had not worked before as operator. The national Ministry of Energy were the key government partner and sponsor. Contracts signed specified a mandatory work program with time limits for…

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View Case Study: Cinema System Implementation

Case Study: Cinema System Implementation

Sector: Leisure Background:  The business comprised a chain of 12 family-owned cinemas. The business prided itself on excellent customer service and was reluctant to take the “human factor” away from the way it operated. The IT systems were not integrated with the head office thus meaning that each cinemas trading results had to be telephoned…

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View Case Study: Venture Capital & Technology

Case Study: Venture Capital & Technology

SECTOR: Venture Capital & Technology BACKGROUND: A VC investor required an independent rebuild & validation of an investee technology company’s business model prior to 2nd round funding and the sourcing of further strategic investment. CHALLENGE: The investor & investee company CEO needed to validate the assumptions and completeness & accuracy of the company’s forecasts in…

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View Case Study: Forecasting & Modelling

Case Study: Forecasting & Modelling

Background An international Oil + Gas operator did not have sufficient resources to meet its payment obligations under a capex contract. Challenge The Oil + Gas operator did not have sufficient liquidity from its bondholders and shareholders.  In addition, the bonds provided only medium-term finance, which was inappropriate for a long-term asset. Solutions Mike prepared…

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View Case Study: Monitoring Business Performance

Case Study: Monitoring Business Performance

Background A syndicate of banks and insurers had participated in an unsecured facility to a clothing and textiles manufacturer. Challenge The manufacturer was unfamiliar with international debt markets, and did not appreciate the process of dealing with poor operating performance.  It had experienced some issues with its operating performance and unsold stock due to unseasonal…

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View Case Study: Recruitment Company

Case Study: Recruitment Company

SECTOR Recruitment CONCERN Underfunding and the need to address a ‘low profitability’ issue. BACKGROUND Two clients had individual investment in a UK Recruitment Company providing teachers to schools. The clients had been asked for extra funding to pay prior month’s salaries, and wanted a full understanding of the company’s current business, a review of its…

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