Beginning to Grow

Companies that reach the growth stage have overcome the intense start-up stage and are now typically generating revenue and growing their customer base. While profits will likely have increased, however, this phase can still be precarious.


Because at this point you are now engaging with competitors, who are a potential barrier to your growth plans.

Also, whilst everything is up and running, it’s often the case in this phase that it’s not running particularly efficiently – and that is generating hidden costs that often consume your surplus cash, and putting the brakes on productivity, which slows growth down.

This is why we advise businesses in the growth stage to focus first and foremost on fine-tuning their business model by identifying ways to improve operational efficiencies and improve profitability, rather than worrying too much about sales and marketing models.

Challenges we help businesses to address at this stage include:

  • How to deal more efficiently with the additional work created by increasing customers and revenues
  • Streamlining operations through better systems, integration, and automation
  • Generating relevant, timely, and accurate management information
  • Understanding the competition and how to counter it
  • Optimising profit-volume, to achieve greater profitability per sale

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Beginning to Grow

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