Maturing Process

When a company reaches the maturity stage, the idea that was once just a thought is now proven and productive, with stable profits driven by the strategies employed during the four previous stages.

But you can’t rest on your laurels just yet, as this stage often relies on additional sources of finance to help sustain the booming performance. Indeed, get this wrong, and your business may still grow, but in a way that is sluggish compared to its potential.

This means you may need to go back to the drawing board to see how to get your business back into the expansion stage, or – alternatively – think of an exit strategy.

For these reasons, we advise businesses in this stage on a number of recurring challenges, including:

  • Understanding how long they can maintain and manage negative cash flow in the absence of additional funding
  • Ensuring data correctly shows where the business is making money and what the key performance metrics are
  • Expanding the business through additional and alternative funding methods – debt, equity, grants, etc.
  • Planning and executing an exit strategy that delivers maximum sale value to the business owner

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Maturing Process

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